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I felt very thankful when i came here. Thank you Hitashi  :  Mr. Rohan Lal


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Most abused drugs are not only mentally addictive but physically addictive as well. Tolerance is built up to the drug. More and more of the drug is needed to achieve the desired effect. As the body physically adjusts to the drug, trying to cut down or stop is unpleasant or even painful. These withdrawal symptoms, depending on the drug, can include shakes, chills, severe aches and pains, difficulty sleeping, agitation, depression, and even hallucinations or psychosis. Avoiding withdrawal adds to the urgency of keeping up drug abuse and increases drug dependence.
Mental Diseases
Mood Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Eating Disorder
Personality Disorders
Psycho-Sexual Problems
Substance Abuse Psychosis
Conduct Disorder
Behavior Disorder

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