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Drug Test

Abuse of and dependence on chemicals / drugs has reached alarming proportions in India. This exists in all sectors, be it schools, colleges or the workplace. Till some time ago, it was virtually impossible to detect the presence of such drugs within the individual’s body. However, Lateral flow chromatographic immunoassays for the qualitative detection of drugs and drug metabolites in urine are now available. Some of these tests are available for the first time in India. The IIDRT has been using these tests for some time now and found them to be highly sensitive and specific.

Tests for the following Drugs of abuse are now available:

http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Cannabis – Charas / Hashish / Hash, Ganja / Marijuana / Weed / Pot, Bhang
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Opiates – Brown Sugar / Smack, Heroin, Codeine / Dextromorphan, Fortwin, Pethidine, Buprenorphine, Dextropropoxyphene etc.
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Benzodiazepines
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Cocaine
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Ecstasy (MDMA)
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Methamphetamines
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Phencyclidine (PCP)
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Oxycontin (Oxycodone)
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Barbiturates
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Methadone
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Tricyclics
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Amphetamine
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Buprenorphine


The cost for each individual test is variable and can be found out from the Center.

Indications for Drug Testing:

Some conditions where the tests may be recommended are the following:
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Initial screening in suspected Drug abuse.
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Assessment of a case of altered behavior especially in adolescents / young adults.
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Assessment of an Unconscious patient.
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Assessment of a case of suicidal attempt.
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Follow up of such cases.
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png Reemergence of symptoms in a known case of psychosis.
In the corporate setting:
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png As a part of the check up done at the time of recruitment
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png As a part of the routine medical check up done in most organizations.
http://www.hitaishihappiness.com/Pages/img/checked.png As a random check, the tests could be administered periodically to some executives of the organization to estimate the extent of the problem in the organization.

Collection of the Sample:

The tests are carried out on a random sample of urine collected in a plain vial. Either the patient could be referred to the Center or the sample collected and sent.
Please feel free to contact our Center or email us your query.


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