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Hitaishi Happiness Home

We, at Hitaishi Happiness Home, have been dedicated to the cause of saving lives of individuals with mental illness, reinstating them in society and restoring their ties with their families. Our team comprises experienced Mental Health Professionals including expert psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. We follow a patient-centric approach for the treatment of psychiatric illnesses and addiction, integrating medicinal treatment with psychological intervention, tailoring the treatment in accordance with the patient’s needs and requirements.

Our Platform

Our platform is built by psychiatrists, psychologists and mental heath experts with immense global experience.

Integrated mental healthcare

From self-care, in-person or online therapy to psychiatry & medication management, we can help with it all.

Grounded in science

Our mental health care options are based on scientifically proven treatments & clinically validated approaches.

Personalised support

Our treatment plans are tailored to your unique needs, so you can get the right care at the right time.

Round the clock support

Our treatment options can be accessed from wherever you might be, all 7 days a week.


Residential Care at Hitaishi

HHH offers clinically significant treatment and psycho social rehabilitation programs that focus on comprehensive recovery which include supported living, on the go psychotherapy & care, customized residential care programs are available.

Trusted & Trained Team

We have the highest doctor: patient ratio with more than 25+ psychologist and 7+ psychiatrist

Highest Quality of life of Patients

we have good infrastructure to ensure recreational activities for patients, gourmet meals and open spaces

Our members

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