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Getting psychiatric assistance might be difficult. You will always be at the centre of our highly skilled psychiatrists' efforts to help you heal.

What distinguishes the Hitaishi approach to psychiatry?

Highly experienced professionals

A highly selective hiring process was used to create our internal team of psychiatrists, ensuring that we only hire experts with the necessary training, experience, and credentials.

Compliant with international standards

We always stay abreast of new developments in mental healthcare.

Inter-disciplinary approach

To improve the efficacy and scientific foundation of our treatment plan, we blend biological, psychological, and social components of care.

Ongoing monitoring & support

After every appointment, our psychiatrists evaluate and keep track of your development. They also provide you with assistance even in the interim by way of regular check-ins, self-care tools, and other means.

Integration with therapy

In order to create an integrated care plan that is focused on enhancing clinical results through biological and psychological levers, our psychiatrists collaborate closely with our therapists.

A focus on confidentiality

In accordance with international best practices, we uphold the highest levels of data security and ensure complete customer confidentiality.

Our commitment

Psychiatrists with decades of expertise who have undergone rigorous training in a variety of therapeutic settings for the whole range of mental diseases have been hired by Hitaishi. We assist customers at every stage of their mental health journey, from delivering an accurate diagnosis to continuously tracking their advancement.

Transparency and ethics are the guiding principles for Hitaishi's psychiatric treatment. In order to provide each client with the finest medical treatment possible, we often collaborate with our therapists and the client's careers. We also believe in the importance of integrated care, therefore medicine is only provided when absolutely required.

Dr. Vivek Vishal (MD. PGDHA) Apollo

Managing Director with 25+ years of postgraduate experience

Hitaishi experts specialise in treating a variety of conditions

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What Is Drug Addiction?


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